Medical success factors of the Kantha Bopha Hospitals

(Photo January 2020: Prof. Dr. Ueli Möhrlen with Prof. Keo Soka and his Cambodian team)

How did hospital founder and benefactor Dr. Beat Richner, who died in 2018, manage to reduce child mortality from around 8% in 1992 to less than 0.3% today, saving hundreds of thousands of seriously ill children? With hard work, iron discipline, a clear and pragmatic strategy as well as a highly motivated team of Cambodian doctors and a strategic cooperation with specialists at home and abroad. And above all, thanks to the many generous and loyal donors in Switzerland.

First of all, basic medical care for the most common infectious diseases (malaria, dengue fever, meningitis) had to be established and ensured in Cambodia, which had been ravaged and completely destroyed by civil war. Step by step, other medical areas such as surgery, obstetrics, neonatology, intensive care, cardiology, radiology, oncology, and even minimal invasive cardiac catheterization and open-heart surgery were systematically established and expanded. Each of these new areas was supervised twice a year for several years by the various specialists from the Children's Hospital Zurich and other hospitals in missions lasting several weeks each, and success checks were carried out and improvements implemented. All these specialists deserve our great thanks for their selfless commitment, often even during their vacations.

The foundation board continues to live these principles of the hospital founder Dr. Beat Richner and is in the process of working closely with our Cambodian management team to develop a priority list of the most urgent further needs at the hospitals and to review its feasibility together with the Swiss specialists. We very much hope that we will be able to resume the planned medical missions on the spot in early 2022.

Please continue to support the sustainable life's work of Beat Richner, MD. Every franc helps heal, save and prevent.

Dr. iur. René Schwarzenbach, President,

Prof. Dr. med. Michael Grotzer, Vice President

Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital Foundation, Beat Richner, MD,

PC 80-60699.1, IBAN No. CH98 0900 00008006 0699 1,

Zurich/Phnom Penh, October 2021