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Cello concert in honour of Dr. med. Beat Richner

How much can a person move and achieve if he persistently believes in his idea and goes his own way? Beat Richner, MD, showed us this impressively: the Zurich native has built five children's hospitals in Cambodia, saving the lives of millions of children since 1992.

He would be proud to see how his life's work has contributed significantly to improving health care in the country. The 2,500 local employees - doctors and nurses, cleaners and security guards, pharmacists and laboratory technicians - run the operations in Richner's spirit and continue to develop them. Most of them remember their «Doctor Beat» with joy and also a little melancholy.

9 September was the fifth anniversary of the death of the unique paediatrician. The Foundation Board therefore cordially invited everyone to a memorial concert. A specially assembled cello ensemble under the direction of Jonas Kreienbühl honoured the physician and musician with various pieces and compositions. One of the musicians was Selma Aerni, who played Beat Richner's cello on this occasion. The Foundation has made the instrument available to her on loan for a few years.


The participants on stageSelma Aerni, Jonas Kreienbühl, Alain Schudel & Daniel Schaerer (Duo Calva), Sandro Meszaros, Friederike Arnholdt, Sophie Dangel, Rahel Sulzer, Rahel Furrer and Rhea Durrer (all cello).


The programme included music by Bach, Grieg, Elgar, Fauré, Pütz, Paque and Barralet for solo cello, cello quartet and cello octet.

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