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Facts 2023

- 899,692 children treated as outpatients /  +36% compared to 2022

- 184,055 children admitted as inpatients / +53%

- 16,160 cases of dengue fever

- 27,700 surgical interventions

- 949 open heart surgeries orcardiac catheterisations performed

- 108,719 pregnant women examined on an outpatient basis

- 21,644 babies were born at the Maternité


Thank you very much for your loyalty and support.

Because every franc helps to heal, save and prevent.


Our hospitals work efficiently and to a high standard. According to confirmation from PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, only 3.54% of income has been spent on administration, accounting and marketing in the last three years. This means that 96.46% of donations go directly to the hospitals and the children.  

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